Michigander Training Tips

Michigander is less than 100 days away, people! As the ride gets closer, you should be thinking about training your body and your bike for the adventures ahead. Here are a few training tips for beginners and veterans alike.

  1. Start slowly and build slowly. Plan to cycle 10 to 15 miles in week one and then build from there. Try to improve your weekly mileage by 10%.
  2. Keep track of your progress. Write it down or make an excel spreadsheet. Keep track of mileage, how you felt before and after ride, what you ate and anything else that may help you improve your ride experience.
  3. Sustain yourself. Ideally, you should eat 2 hours before riding. As you increase your distances pay attention to what you have eaten and how you feel.  For longer rides carry food.  Go for a balance of carbs and protein and make sure you hydrate.
  4. Recover.  Do NOT over-train.  Your muscles need time to rest and re-build.  Anything active (such as weight training) you do on a recovery day should be super easy and under an hour.  A natural day to take off?  The day after your longest ride.

If you are currently unable to cycle outside, try a spin class! However, I would continue to get out on your bike– nothing compares to the real thing.  As elements of wind, hills, terrain are virtually impossible to simulate inside, riding outside will help with your comfort level (balance and unexpected conditions).

For a sample training schedule and more training tips, visit http://www.michigantrails.org/michigander-bicycle-tour/  and click on the “How to Train” button on the left-hand side.


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