Cycling and Ice Cream

There are few things bicyclists like more than downhill rides and nice weather…except maybe ice cream. Luckily, the Passport to Summer RV tour will be stopping by the Michigander weekend ride to curb that fix. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources Recreation Passport RV will visit us in Mackinaw City and hand out free samples of the new limited-edition Pure Michigan Caramel Apple ice cream.  This treat was created exclusively for the DNR by Hudsonville Ice Cream and is the official flavor of Michigan state parks.


The Michigan Economic Development Corporation, which is also responsible for the Pure Michigan Campaign, is partnering with the DNR to promote the benefits of living and vacationing in Michigan through this summer tour.  A few Michigan-based businesses are also along for the ride, including Hudsonville Ice Cream and Michigander sponsor Meijer, Inc.

The custom 32-foot RV is touring Michigan for the summer months and providing information on the Recreation Passport and Rec 101 programs to communities across lower Michigan at special events and a few Meijer stores.

The Recreation Passport supports state parks, forest campgrounds and pathways, historic and cultural resources, and establishes a grant program for local recreation agencies. Through the Passport, Michigan motorists will gain access to state parks, recreation areas, non-motorized trailhead parking and state boats launches.

We are happy to host the Recreation Passport RV during the Michigander weekend ride on Saturday, July 14th, from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Recreation Complex in Mackinaw City. 

It’ll be a refreshing event doubling as a reminder of our great Michigan businesses, communities, and recreational possibilities. And free ice cream will be included.

What’s better than that?


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