Michigander City Spotlight: Atlanta

Michigander riders–are you ready to adventure through Atlanta?

During week-long ride, you will have the opportunity to experience its small-town charm for yourself. But don’t be fooled, this small town has more up its sleeve than just friendly faces and no stoplights. Atlanta is the Elk Capital of Michigan and home to the largest elk herd in the Midwest. If you’re lucky, you may catch glimpses of these magnificent creatures on your ride. Fun Fact:  a full-grown bull weighs on average around 700 lbs!

Atlanta offers a variety of options for any outdoor enthusiast as it is located near scenic forests, preserved state parks and sparkling lakes. The town is located on the banks of the Thunder Bay River which makes the area a great vacation destination for canoe-ers and kayakers.  Atlanta hosts many annual celebrations during the year including The Elk Festival and The Sno*Drift rally, an exciting winter car drag race. Sno*Drift is the first event of the Rally America Championship Series which attracts visitors from across the state and across the nation.

The Atlanta Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Michigander riders with an entertainment tent downtown featuring a stage with great local music. Participants may also enjoy and explore local shops, pubs and downtown restaurants. During this stop on the tour, riders will get a little taste of why Atlanta is a perfect over-night destination.

Fun Fact: Located on the 45th parallel, Atlanta is positioned half way between the equator and the North Pole and interestingly enough half way through our 21st Michigander route. From Elk to Sno-Drift Rallies, Atlanta has got that small town charm with a bit of a kick.


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