On an eventful evening in Onaway

Tonight we’re in Onaway at the public school complex. The beautiful property sits on a hill and the majority of tents are set up in the scenic valley below.

After a rider meeting (and well-deserved round of applause for Barry, the Michigander coordinator!) some entertainment commenced in the school’s cafeteria.

Nancy, the MTGA Executive Director, led a “Get to Know You Game” where we learned there are riders here from all over the country including California, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. Also, a few of the cyclists have ridden on other continents such as Europe and Asia. Way to go!

White Elephant Bingo was next, where long-time volunteers and dynamic duo Judy and Jerry led the event in the only way they know how-with a lot of spunk and a lot of laughs.

Pat and Jane McGinnis of McGinnis Video Productions gave a wonderful presentation about the Metz Fire of 1908. Riders will pass the historical marker on their ride to Alpena tomorrow.

All in all, it’s been a great night in Onaway. Tomorrow holds Mr. Potato Head, shipwrecks and a community festival. We can’t wait!


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