Reflections on the Michigander: Part I

As riders make their way across Northern Michigan in the 21st Annual Michigander Bicycle Tour, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on the tour’s past year. View the videos below to learn what keeps Michigander riders and volunteers coming back for more.

Darlene from Rochester and Debbie from Bloomfield Hills explain why the Michigander is the perfect way to explore Michigan. Both Darlene and Debbie have been riding for at least a decade and together they discuss some of the tour’s finer features.

The Michigander wouldn’t be possible without the wonderful volunteers. Jennifer from Oakland has volunteered for three years. She thinks it fun to travel from city to city while enjoying the beauty and tranquility of Michigan.

Meet another volunteer veteran named Steve. He’s been helping with the Michigander ever since it began. He knows volunteering is a lot of work, but continues to help because he loves to make sure all the riders have something cold to drink after a long day of riding.

Stay tuned for more reflections over the course of the 21st Annual Michigander Bicycle Tour!


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