SAGs and Surprises

We woke up in Onaway this morning with the view of a beautiful rainbow! What a way to start the day!

The longest ride was today at about 50 miles with 3 SAG stops for breaks and refreshments along the route. Normal SAGs aren’t always exciting. A little water here. A granola bar there. But the Michigander is not normal. At least one of our SAGs is themed every day on the tour and surprises are sure to be found at each one.

Today was no exception with a “potatoville” themed SAG in Posen, the potato capital of Michigan. A few of the MTGA staff wore Mr. and Mrs. PotatoHead costumes to the delight of many riders. There was a battle of who could put together a Mr PotatoHead the fastest and a lot of potato chips given to us courtesy of Meijer.

Other themed stops throughout the week include a Hawaiian Luau in Hillman, a Christmas in July theme in Lewiston, and a North Woods scene in Wolverine.

Gatorade and water are the drinks of choice at these stops. And snacks of all kinds are available for hungry riders (especially lots of bananas). This year, Clif Bar generously donated 3000 energy bars that are featured at one SAG a day during the tour.

From costumes to games, refreshments to shade, Michigander SAG stops are a great reason to ride.


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