Meijer: Thank you for the miles of memories

When you think of Meijer, I doubt the scenic back roads and beautiful rail trails you’ve been cycling down the past week come to mind. In reality Meijer has been down every mile of the tour with us and their generous has made this event possible. Meijer stores are places that you can often find the camping gear and outdoor equipment needed for the tour including, tents, coolers, sleeping bags, navigation water, snacks and even the essential toiletries.

As we come to the end of the Michigander we would like to take a moment to thank Meijer, for sponsoring the tour. Their support allows us to provide many of the amenities you have enjoyed during the Michigander. Without the sponsorship of Meijer, we wouldn’t have the gas to fuel the baggage trucks. Could you imagine if you had the brutal responsibility of pulling your gear behind your bike for 35 plus miles a day?  If you were a winner of an auction item, you may have Meijer to thank for their contribution. Thanks to Meijer’s help with covering the costs of the bike tour, riders are able to enjoy the Michigander while being treated to a variety of donated food and refreshments at each SAG stop.


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