Michigander 2012: Mighty Mac Fun Facts

The last day is here for the 2012 Michigander cyclists. What awaits them at their final destination?  The answer is a landmark known throughout the state of Michigan as the Mighty Mac. The Mackinac Bridge is an unforgettable feature that connects the state’s two peninsulas. In honor of the beloved bridge, here are several interesting facts and stories about the sight.

  • The Mackinac Bridge is currently the third longest suspension bridge in the world.
  • In the summer of 2007, the Detroit Science Center revealed a miniature model of the Mackinac Bridge.  An 80-foot-long, 19-foot-tall scale replica, the exhibit was part of the state’s fiftieth anniversary celebration. Sherwin-Williams even provided authentic bridge colored paint for the project.
  • The total weight of the bridge is 929,410,766 kg. That would be more than 185,000 African elephants!
  • Did you know the bridge is more than five decades old? The landmark opened to traffic on November 1, 1957.
  • Set your radio to 1610 AM in Mackinaw City to hear narrations of bridge history and updates on bridge conditions.
  • The Mighty Mac celebrated its 150 millionth vehicle crossing on September 6, 2009. That’s a lot of cars!
  • What’s holding the Mackinac Bridge together? More than 1 million steel bolts and almost 5 million steel rivets.
  • You would have to ride the seven-day Michigander tour approximately 150 times to travel the total length of all the wire in bridge’s main cables. We get tired just thinking about it!

While we love to share information with readers, we also enjoy hearing from you. Feel free to share interesting stories or facts about Mackinac Bridge in the comments area below.

Photo Credit: MDOT


Mackinac Bridge Authority

Detroit Science Center


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