Clif Bar: Fueling the Tour 2012


Thank you to Clif Bar for sponsoring the Michigander Bicycle Tour 2012!

Clif Bar sent a variety of sample size bars in addition to Cliff Builder’s bars to keep riders fueled during the Michigander. This great American company specializes in natural and organic energy products for sports enthusiasts and active people. Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about them.


-Clif bar was founded in 1992 and named after Gary’s father Clifford.

-The company’s creator, Gary, was at one time a banker.
-The image of the rock climber used on packaging was first sketched on a napkin over dinner.
-In 2000, the company turned down a $120 million offer from Quaker Oats to buy the brand.
-The Clif Bar Cool Commute Program gives employees up to $500 to purchase a commuter bike.
-Clif Bar employees live the brand: they are active, outdoorsy and conscious snackers.
Clif Bar and Co. started on a bike ride, from the inspiration to create a better tasting energy bar for athletes and riders.

Thank you once again for your wonderful products and cycling inspiration!



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