Volunteers give a feeling of family

The Michigander tour would be nothing without the volunteers working behind it.

20 years later and a few of the veteran volunteers are still around from the very first ‘Gander in 1991. The first one wasn’t quite the one we have today, with barely developed trails and less than 100 riders.

Michigander volunteers serve in many ways during the ride. SAG stop workers make sure participants get a break, food, and plenty of water. They also provide some fun and entertainment at the themed SAGs and beyond.

Then there’s the safety team. HAM radio operators communicate between camps, SAGs, and all places in between. Our EMS workers ride the route and give help to those who are injured and in need of assistance. Bicycle support is also available by an on-call mobile volunteer. And our truck drivers safely carry luggage (and people) from site to site.

Volunteers fill a variety of other roles, but the common feature shown by all who give their time is the genuine feeling of family on the tour.

Alex Borrelli, a 9-time Michigander rider, shares the same view. “They are a great group of people,” he says, ” and they share a family atmosphere that makes the time off the bike just as fun as on the bike.”

Some volunteers serve part-time and ride part-time. Some give their whole week to the tour. But all volunteers come for the love of the Tour.

Borrelli goes on, “[The volunteers] are the glue to this macaroni art called the Michigander.”

Thank you to each and every Michigander volunteer who made this ride possible. We truly couldn’t have done it without you.


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