Michigander 2012: Favorite Memories

On a recent survey, we asked riders about their favorite parts of the Tour. Here are some of the responses!

“The rainbow shortly after departing Onaway camp, the excellent dinner and breakfast at Atlanta, coasting the long hills on the road to Gaylord, the hospitality at the stop in Bolton, and the ride alongside Mullett lake Friday morning.”

“Watching my grand child enjoying herself.”

“Listening to the band in the coffee shop in our overnight town [of] Atlanta”

“Rode with my 8 year old son. Everyone was very friendly and encouraging. On the ride home, he says, ‘remember that person who told us we would have a great ride, well he was right’ ”

“My hole in my tire the first mile”

“The fun times with fellow ganders”

“My favorite memory was riding into the finish line in Indian River. My sister and I were pretty slow on the way back just enjoying the scenery and with lunch being a bit longer than we had thought. We didn’t realize that there would still be people around to not only greet us but completely cheer us in!! What an awesome surprise! They had so much genuine energy that you would have thought we were the first ones to cross the finish line, instead of third to last! That was the best! :)”

“SAG stop individuals were very friendly, helpful and fun.”

“The ride along Mullett lake was beautiful!”

“Saw a Bald Eagle!”

“The beaver dam at the start of the Sturgeon River!”

“Riding into Mackinaw and seeing the bridge was amazing!!”

“Meeting new people and getting together with past friends of the previous rides is wonderful!”



What was your favorite memory from Michigander 2012?


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