Michigander City Spotlights: Indian River

The six and seven-Day options will take riders through Indian River for an opportunity to appreciate Michigan’s beauty and the simple joy of being outdoors. The city is named after the river which flows through it, and is nestled between Burt Lake and Mullett Lake along the Inland Waterway. The Inland Waterway is Michigan’s longest chain of lakes and rivers, and spans over 40 miles. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of water activities, including fishing, boating, rafting, sailing and canoeing.

By land, the city offers 62 miles of hiking and biking opportunities on the North Central State Trail. Hunters and fishers are welcomed to hunt and fish on more than 180,000 acres of land.  Various natural wildlife reserves, state forests and Ocqueoc

Courtesy of Balthazira
Courtesy of Balthazira

Falls are all a part of this tiny portion of Michigan’s backyard. For the outdoor adventurer, Indian River will feel like home.  Daily tours to visit the Oden Fish Hatchery and Visitor Center are available to experience Michigan’s world-class trout streams and state fisheries management.  Learn how the hatchery produces up to 1 million trout and salmon annually, and view a re-creation of the original Wolverine train-car once used to transport fish,among many other activities.

Indian River is also home to the Cross in the Woods, the world’s largest crucifix. The local landmark was erected in 1954 and is made from a single redwood tree that stood 55 feet high. While it is a symbol of Christianity, visitors of all faiths are welcome to visit. Every year thousands of people visit to attend outdoor Mass held at the Cross. Visitors can also check out the All Faiths Gift Shoppe, numerous beautiful statues on the grounds, the Stations of the Cross and the world’s largest Nun Doll Museum.

Other fun activities can be found at Cooperation Park which consists of 60 acres of multipurpose recreational facilities. These include baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, skating rinks, soccer fields, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, play areas and hiking trails.

Courtesy of GollyGForce
Courtesy of GollyGForce

Let Indian River be the perfect halfway rest stop to soak in Michigan’s graceful backyard and see why it’s “Pure Water. Pure Trails. Pure North.”


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