Beyond the Telescope—The Storyteller’s Guide to the Night Sky

Did you know Michigan’s Emmet County is home to one of the prestigious International Dark Sky Park’s? Northern Michigan is well known for the crisp, twinkling night skies that capture the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Northerner’s take pride in protecting the natural beauty of the night sky and other natural resources, and this year’s “True North Bicycle Tour” will highlight just that.

The 2014 Michigander takes 6- & 7-day riders through the town of Mesick, where Harbor Springs night sky expert Mary Stewart Adams will give riders a memorable program, titled “Beyond the Telescope-The Storyteller’s Guide to the Night Sky”. The program will take riders through a journey of stories associated with the high constellations of the summer nights and the stars that are visible to the naked eye.

Photo courtesy of Robert de Jonge,
Photo courtesy of Robert de Jonge,

Gathering just before sunset, Michigander riders will have the unique experience to take advantage of the stages of sunset, moonrise and starshine. The bright blue star Spica, the star of abundance in the constellation Virgo the Maiden will also be in clear view.

Riders are welcome to bring binoculars, but Mary will mainly focus on constellations that can be viewed with the naked eye!

Where is your favorite place in Michigan to star gaze?


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