Rain or Shine, We Still Ride!

We had BEAUTIFUL weather on yesterday’s ride from Mesick to Frankfort. Blue and sunny skies paved the way for a great day for Michigander cyclists. The 45.7 mile ride into Frankfort passed through Crystal Mountain, where cyclists were greeted by the Crystal Mountain staff. Lunch was available. The Alpine Slide down Crystal Mountain was a hit for cyclists, both young and old, whizzed down the mountain.

Riders hopped on the Betsie Valley Trail and rode into Beulah, where the Betsie Valley Trail Friend Group welcomed riders with baked goods, fruit, water and Gatorade. Crystal Lake provided a beautiful view and break for riders. The trail transitioned into a smooth, paved trail the rest of the way into Frankfort.

The sun shined and the skies were blue for riders as they moved into the campsite in Frankfort. A picturesque downtown and crystal waters awaited to be explored as the sun set. Shopping, saddle boards, kayacking and swimming in Lake Michigan provided be a much needed break for riders after this long day.

Riders woke up to a chilly and rainy morning as they cycled into Leland today. Day three of the ride takes riders to Leland mainly on road, with 10 miles on the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail. Happy Trails!


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