Michigan Cycling Charters

11 06 2014

Michigan Cycling Charters is an easy and hassle free way to have your biking adventure in Michigan, and have been helping Michigander riders for years!

mich cycling

Courtesy of: Michigan Cycling Charters


Their staff has years of cycling experience and have extensive knowledge in bicycle repair and maintenance. Michigan Cycling Charters can assist new and seasoned cyclists to make your trip enjoyable!

Traveling out-of-state for the Michigander this summer? To make your journey to “America’s High Five” a little bit easier, Michigan Cycling Charter offers a variety of services to help you get ready for the ride, including airport pickup from Lansing and assembly of your bike.

If tenting isn’t your forte, Michigan Cycling Charters will transport you to and from the hotel each day.

Services include: 

-Tent set up and take down of your tent and transportation of baggage to the next stop

-Cooler rental

-Chair rental

-Hotel Shuttle

-Shuttle to and from Lansing airport

-Bike shipment and assembly

Are you ready to ride with us and Michigan Cycling Charters on the Michigander? Call or email Rick Hogle: rick@michigancyclingcharters.com; 1-517-614-5659.

Bicycle Friendly Communities

29 05 2014

Each year, The League of American Bicyclists and their Bicycle Friendly American Program assesses communities, businesses and universities across the United States to recognize those who make bicycling a transportation and recreation option.


Michigan ranks #12 in the nation on the Bicycle Friendly State ranking, along with eight bicycle friendly communities, 14 bicycle friendly businesses and four bicycle friendly universities. The League recognizes the essentials, the Five E’s, of A Bicycle Friendly America SM :

Engineering: Creating safe and convenient places to ride and park

Education: Giving people of all ages and abilities the skills and confidence to ride

Encouragement: Creating a strong bike culture that welcome and celebrates bicycling

Enforcement: Ensuring safe roads for all users

Evaluation & Planning: Planning for bicycling as a safe and viable transportation option

The Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance and our home—the Michigan Fitness Foundation—, are huge advocates of incorporating modes of transportation and physical activity into a daily routine. The Michigan Fitness Foundation was awarded the Bronze award for our efforts at leading a healthy lifestyle and being conscious of our carbon footprint!

Traverse City, a stop on the 23rd Annual Michigander, received the Bronze award from The League for their Bicycle Friendly Community SM and has been a part of the BFC community since 2009. Traverse City offers classroom discussions and on-street bike tours, four local bike shops offer bike rentals and services, and downtown businesses and motels rent out bicycles to locals and visitors.

Jackson bike lanes

For more information about The League and their efforts in the bicycle movements, visit www.bikeleague.org.

Do you incorporate bicycling in your daily lifestyle?  Tell us what benefits you have received from embracing biking!

Beyond the Telescope—The Storyteller’s Guide to the Night Sky

19 05 2014

Did you know Michigan’s Emmet County is home to one of the prestigious International Dark Sky Park’s? Northern Michigan is well known for the crisp, twinkling night skies that capture the hearts of locals and visitors alike. Northerner’s take pride in protecting the natural beauty of the night sky and other natural resources, and this year’s “True North Bicycle Tour” will highlight just that.

The 2014 Michigander takes 6- & 7-day riders through the town of Mesick, where Harbor Springs night sky expert Mary Stewart Adams will give riders a memorable program, titled “Beyond the Telescope-The Storyteller’s Guide to the Night Sky”. The program will take riders through a journey of stories associated with the high constellations of the summer nights and the stars that are visible to the naked eye.

Photo courtesy of Robert de Jonge, www.robertdejonge.com

Photo courtesy of Robert de Jonge, http://www.robertdejonge.com

Gathering just before sunset, Michigander riders will have the unique experience to take advantage of the stages of sunset, moonrise and starshine. The bright blue star Spica, the star of abundance in the constellation Virgo the Maiden will also be in clear view.

Riders are welcome to bring binoculars, but Mary will mainly focus on constellations that can be viewed with the naked eye!

Where is your favorite place in Michigan to star gaze?

Cadillac-2014 Michigander City Spotlight

13 05 2014

Cadillac, Michigan is home to Lake Cadillac and the so-called “mysterious” Clam Lake Canal. The last stop on the 2014 Michigander, Cadillac is the perfect summer and winter getaway.

The “City on the Lakes” is the center of more than 200 miles of snowmobile trails, 34 downhill ski runs, more than 58 miles of cross country ski and snow shoe trails and more than 500,000 acres of state and national forests. An active community with small town appeal, nearly 10,500 people take pride in the natural wonder that Cadillac has to offer.



Source: Trip Advisor.

Originally named “Clam Lake”, the historic town was renamed after Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac, who made the first permanent settlement in Detroit in 1701. The Clam Lake Canal was formed between Big and Little Clam Lakes, which are now called Lake Mitchell and Lake Cadillac.

Cadillac sits on the edge of Manistee National Forest and is bordered by mixed hardwood and conifer forest, with Christmas tree farming as a major industry. In 1988, the city donated the holiday tree to the U.S. Capitol Building in our nation’s Capital!

Have you visited the historic “Tree City USA”? Tell us about your experience below!

Frankfort- Michigander City Spotlight

1 05 2014
Source: Trip Advisor http://bit.ly/1iH5UeT

Source: Trip Advisor http://bit.ly/1iH5UeT

Known as the gateway to the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, the quaint city of Frankfort is home to just more than 1,280 people. Sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan, Victorian homes and immaculate beaches make this charismatic town a unique stop on the 23rd Annual Michigander.

According to Michigan.org, Point Betsie Lighthouse is one of the most photographed lighthouses in Michigan and is as rich in history as it is breathtaking views. Sunsets in Frankfort leave both visitors and locals in wonder of nature and coming back year after year.

If fishing catches your attention, Frankfort is abundant in charter boats and fishers emerge with plentiful coolers of perch, Coho and King salmon.

Source: Trip Advisor http://bit.ly/1iH5UeT

Source: Trip Advisor http://bit.ly/1iH5UeT

Where is your favorite place to fish in Michigan?

Leland- 2014 Michigander City Spotlight

16 04 2014

Cushioned between Lake Michigan and Lake Leelanau, Leland is a striking village located north and west of Traverse City. The charming community is home to unique shops, restaurants, the Leland Marina and historic Fishtown.

Seagulls on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Source: http://www.lelandmi.com

Seagulls on the shores of Lake Michigan.
Source: http://www.lelandmi.com

Northern Michigan is notorious for its roots in commercial fishing and wildlife. Leland’s Fishtown is rich in the maritime history in Michigan. Fishing shanties, smokehouses, docks, fish tugs and charter boats line the Leland River and were once the heart of commercial fishing in the Great Lakes. The shanties of Fishtown date back to the early 1900s when settlers came to Leland. Prior to their arrival, the Native Americans fished the bountiful waters to sustain their livelihood. The shanties are fruitful with unique shops and exemplify a story of endurance, after surviving more than 150 bitter, windy winters in the north.

The Fishtown Marina.  Source: http://www.bonappetit.com/

The Fishtown Marina.
Source: http://www.bonappetit.com/

Riders of the 23rd Annual Michigander can walk the streets and docks of Fishtown and visit the quaint boutiques, galleries and unique eateries. Sugar-sand beaches can be found on both Lake Michigan and Lake Leelanau, where Michigander riders can cool off in the lake or just soak in the scenic views.

The Leelanau Historic Society Museum allows visitors to explore the diverse cultures of the Leelanau Peninsula and the surrounding areas.

Who’s ready to visit Leland? Share your favorite characteristic about the village below!

First Stop on the Michigander: Reed City!

9 04 2014

Reed City, population 3,000, embodies a Michigan small town. Once known as “Michigan’s crossroads” because of the intersection of Michigan’s main North/South and East/West railroads, Reed City is full of history and natural beauty. Reed City is now a “Michigan Trail Crossroads” for two intersecting trails, the White Pine and the Pere Marquette Trails, that show off its vibrant scenery. The fully restored historic railroad depot at the crossroads depicts the history of this town that grew up along these tracks.

The Reed City Depot is located next to the Pere Marquette Trail, just north of the trailhead parking lot.                                                                                    Source: Eye on Michigan http://www.eyeonmichigan.com/guides/reedcity/photos.php

In 1975, Yoplait Yogurt came to the United States, rolling right into Reed City where the plant is still located downtown. Michigander bicyclists will get the opportunity to see the picturesque downtown, pedal along Reed City’s trails, sample the White Pine Trail’s covered bridge over the River, and appreciate plentiful parks.

The intersection of the Pere Marquette Trail and Fred Meijer Pine Trail in Reed City.  Source: Eye on Michigan http://www.eyeonmichigan.com/guides/reedcity/photos.php

The intersection of the Pere Marquette Trail and Fred Meijer Pine Trail in Reed City.
Source: Eye on Michigan http://www.eyeonmichigan.com/guides/reedcity/photos.php